The foodbank is a project of RYA Madras Metro Trust. It is an ISO certified organization managed by a 14-member committee. Every two years, five members will retire by rotation and give way to new members. The President, Secretary, Vice President and Project Chairman are Additional Trustees who will be elected every year. The project also has an Advisory Committee to offer counsel and promote foodbanking throughout the country. Eminent personalities, industrialists, technocrats and representatives of affiliated organizations constitute the Advisory Committee.

We aim to achieve a hunger free world by making foodbanking a mass movement with enduring hope and with service through fellowship.

The RYA Metro Foodbank will motivate and persuade and help to start new local community supported affiliate Chapters in every town in India. In times of natural calamity anywhere in the country, all affiliate chapters of the Foodbank will pool their resources and contribute effectively. Local chapters of the Foodbank collect grains or edible items from households and distribute it to the residents in beneficiary organizations. Foodgrains are stored in well-protected warehouses for use during emergencies.

We invite organizations to make contribution to the community by donating goods, products and services. We welcome you to join the fellowship by contributing to any of our schemes -

Open an account in the hearts of the Hungry (Harvest Fellowship) Silver Harvest Fellowship Individual –INR.11000. / $ 184.  / Corporates’ INR.110000.  $ 1834.

Open an account in the hearts of the Hungry (Harvest Fellowship)  Golden Harvest Fellowship Individual –Rs.21000./ $350 / Corporates’ Rs.210000. / $3500

Open an account in the hearts of the Hungry (Harvest Fellowship) Diamond Harvest Fellowship Individual –INR.31000./ $ 517 / Corporates’ Rs.310000. / $ 5167

Open an account in the hearts of the Hungry (Harvest Fellowship) Platinum Harvest Fellowship Individual –INR. 51000. / $ 850 / Corporates’ INR. 510000. / $ 8500

Individual donations to the Foodbank can be made by enlisting in our Muthi Bhar Anaaj Yojana - M.B.A or the Anna Dan Yojana.

Just supply your contact details and CFB/FBFI-Chennai will e-mail you regular newsletters and bulletins as well as links to the latest online updates, or if you prefer, will post you a monthly newsletter with the details of current activities.

Organizations are welcome to contact CFB/FBFI-Chennai with offers of financial support, products and/or services. We have constant requirements for professional services, transportation, communication services, warehouse and office equipment and working capital. All donations in excess of Rs……. are tax deductible u/s 80G and corporate sponsors will benefit from added exposure in our regular publications and on this website. Review the list of organizations which have become corporate supporters.

CFB/FBFI-Chennai enables corporations to make direct highly effective contributions to the community by donating goods, products and services. We welcome donations of fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen foods, grocery items and cash is tax deductible.

Individual donations to CFB/FBFI-Chennai can be made online. Just use the simple online donation form for immediate assistance to those in need. Donations of Rs……… or more are tax deductible. Alternatively you can call us during business hours on (044) 24312096.

CFB/FBFI-Chennai is able to continue due to the dedicated individuals who dedicate their time to collection, storage and packing and Distribution at the T. Nagar, Chennai Centre. Volunteers are welcome on a part-time or full-time basis. To contribute to this effort and join the team, please contact us.

CFB/FBFI-Chennai can maximize the benefit of a philanthropic investment by structuring long-term interest-only contributions to operating costs. This can ensure a continuous behest to those in need. Legal and financial advice can be provided by our pro bono corporate supporters. For more details contact CFB/FBFI-Chennai.

Donate Food Day is an initiative of Food Bank Foundation of India and the food manufacturing industry to dedicate one day of production to the needy. This is a nation-wise operation on 24th April of every year since 1993.

Chennai Food Bank was founded in 1993 by Chennai philanthropist group Rajasthan Youth Association-Madras Metro Trust Members initiated by Mr. G.D. Ranka, who had witnessed the work of ‘Sydney Food Bank’. He was motivated by Mr. Charles Scarf of Sydney Food Bank in Australia. It was operated at the premises and all expenses paid for first 5 years by Mr. G.D. Ranka until 1998 when Chennai Food Bank was permanently moved to its own premises at T. Nagar-Chennai. The 10th year of Chennai Food Bank took another giant leap by forming & promoting Food Bank Foundation of India, Chennai was established in 2003 as the national coordinator of the activities of the various state bodies. Review the history of Food Banks.

The needy in our society, the homeless, the deprived and the poverty-striken. CFB/FBFI-Chennai coordinates the collection of food and grocery and distributes to over 90 welfare and charitable institutions in and around CHENNAI. The corporations/individuals donating food also benefit. The donations are also tax deductible.

CFB/FBFI-Chennai supplies to over 90 welfare and charitable agencies across Chennai. These include large familiar charities and small local community organizations.

Registered welfare and charitable agencies can contact CFB/FBFI - Chennai for details of operational procedures. All agencies are treated equally in the distribution according to an established criteria.

The needy in our community, the food manufacturing industry, the environment and our society as a whole. By collecting and distributing food and grocery products, Chennai contributes to a massive saving of resources, not least reducing the demand upon social benefits programmes by supplementing the nutrition of needy families and individuals.

CFB/FBFI Chennai is grateful for the generosity of all its food and grocery donors. Amongst the list are some of Chennai’s largest corporations. The size of a donation can be measured by the volume, value or the percentage of gross annual production. Some of the most generous contributors are small family firms which donate a comparatively high proportion of their grains & perishable products.

In a vast number of ways, one person can make a substantial difference in the lives of so many. CFB/FBFI-Chennai benefits from the combined contributions of many individual people. The individual who donates a small amount and then commits to donating the same amount every month. The volunteer who spends one day each month sorting and packing product. The executive who determines to reduce the waste in his or her company. The end result of all these efforts can be the difference between a child or adult’s malnourishment and potential burden upon society or his or her vitality and the opportunity to become a contributor to it.

CFB/FBFI-Chennai is a not-for-profit charity which is dedicated to a multi-focus improvement of the community as a whole. The operation of CFB/FBFI-Chennai is wholly non-denominational, non-discriminatory and provides equal treatment to the more than 90 welfare and charitable agencies who distribute to the recipients of food and grocery products. Capital and resources are supplied by many corporations and individuals, which minimizes administrative costs, thus ensuring a maximization of the benefit of all donations. Other single organizations are focused on single target beneficiaries, whereas the operation of CFB/FBFI-Chennai is beneficial to everybody in the community, not just the needy.

CFB/FBFI-Chennai introduced enterprise-wide initiatives to actively encourage large and small food and grocery manufacturers to minimize waste. There are many reasons for waste in even the most efficiently run organization. Changed labeling regulations, end of season excess stock, production line changeover items, out-dated competition packaging, discontinued products, as well as the merest label or weight inaccuracies which render a product legally unsaleable. Tonnes of cans or packets are disposed of every week. The main recipient of these products can be CFB/FBFI-Chennai. Companies from which FBFI Chennai collects, reduce costs and do not just dump perfectly good product in the ground. The benefit to the environment is substantial as many of these products can contribute to a toxic underground cocktail which will require expensive land restoration for future generations.

FBFI Chennai distributed 83426 Kgs. of food grains and grocery products in fiscal year 2005-06. This is a 5% increase over the previous year, facilitated by an increase of …% in donations.

As a not-for-profit organization, CFB/FBFI-Chennai does not take a profit. An Amount of Rs.2,40,000/- required each year to maintain operations is covered by corporate supporters and major donors and from the interest of corpus funds. This ensures that other donations can be dedicated entirely to sourcing and distributing products to those in need.

Located in Chennai CFB/FBFI operates a modern 1500 square feet warehouse and management office. This is currently operated by a 2 dozen part-time volunteers and just 6 full-time staff. A delivery van and 2000 Containers and storage drums, weighing scale and office equipment are only other capital items requiring maintenance. Therefore annual administrative costs are extremely low and only a very small proportion of total annual donations, most of which are dedicated to the purchase of product from manufacturers.

CFB/FBFI-Chennai has not received the support and assistance of various state and local Government Bodies including Councils and Waste Management Boards. It receives grants for specific projects and cooperation and support in dealing with the manufacturing industry. Without individual and corporate donations, it could not continue to operate.

CFB/FBFI-Chennai enables welfare and charity organizations to extend their support to a large number of people throughout Chennai. With limited resources, it is impractical to distribute directly to individuals. The role of CFB/FBFI-Chennai is to encourage Governments, Councils and the food manufacturing industry to participate in order to support the existing welfare and charitable agencies doing great work in the community.

Involvement with CFB/FBFI-Chennai can take many forms depending on each individual’s resources. Volunteering of time and labor helps us process the collection and distribution of food. Financial donations help in the purchase of food and grocery products. Donation of fresh, frozen, canned packaged and grocery items increases what can be distributed. Donations of professional services enable the offer of advice and assistance to donors and the maintenance of normal operations. Financial contributions to CFB/FBFI-Chennai can be made online via the simple online donation form. Donations of Rs…… or more are tax deductible. The donation during business hours is (044) 24312096.