Chennai Food Bank - An initiative by RYA METRO

Chennai Food Bank is run by RYA METRO, a community based organisation comprising of about 150 members whose origins are in the state of Rajasthan but settled in chennai. To repay the gratitude the city had accorded by accepting rajasthanis wholeheartedly, RYA METRO decided as a part of its social obligation to start a food bank which would work extensively to help organisations - voluntary & NGOs meet with their food requirements and also to aid the people affected during natural calamities. Thus was born Chennai Food Bank which now works on collecting grains, raising funds for procurement of grains & supply these to the needy institutes free of cost. The activity is now 23 years old and we have crossed the magic figure of 25 million meals distributed. More than a hundred institutes in and around chennai have benefited from this initative

Our Vision

Chennai Food Bank aims to work for the eradication of hunger. Chennai Food Bank will make all efforts possible to engage the local community & invoke the inherent humaneness among people to implement solutions so as to provide square meals to the needy without compromising on service, quality & values

Our Mission

Chennai Food Bank will work to provide those living in homeless or low income situations, with essential meals they need. Chennai Food Bank will ensure all means to engage and connect communities that HAVE with communities that NEED

Our Beneficiaries